• Support up to 49 channel 8MP H.265 IP camera simultaneously      
• Dual Ethernet for 4 modes: Dual Ethernet, Balance, Bridge & Backup    
• VGA & HDMI dual output, HDMI support 4K2K display
• Default & recovery mode button on main board
• Single channel fast play back in Live view
• Plug & play for easy installation
• Smart search with Album / Bookmark (click for playback)
• Easy playback by mouse drag & drop on Live demo footage
ANR (Automatic Network Replenishment) available
• Automatic overwrite function with reserved days option 
• Support iOS & Android mobile surveillance function & Mac Safari browser
• E-MAP drag IP cam on map on NVR itself & IE and click for preview
• Manual & schedule backup to FTP / Samba / Google Drive / Dropbox
P2P optional - support up to 8pcs x Yudor P2P IP cam
• Support latest Onvif and with ONVIF Profile S compatibility
• Push Video 
• RAID 0,1,5 (option) & e-SATA support
• S.M.A.R.T HDD detection (9x HDD MAX) 
• Power Isolation





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